Sharing in 2010

AddThis released an interesting infographic with some statistics about users sharing habits. Among the impressive numbers: 44% of shares occur through Facebook, up 33% from last year (due both to the platform’s record growth and the release of the ‘Like’ button.)

 Shares over Gmail increased by 395%, outpacing StumbleUpon, Facebook and Twitter. Shares via MySpace and Friendster dropped 20% and 31% respectively. While the data gathered from AddThis widget are by no means comprehensive, the percentages should be relatively accurate given the sample size and the number of sharing services supported.

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URL shortening services give hackers a new entry point

With the explosion of social networking and microblogging services, URL-shortening sites have became more very popular, and many do not require users to register or complete a CAPTCHA graphical challenge-response test. Because domains like and TinyURL are “trusted,” their use allows spammers to evade the typical filters that would otherwise detect and quarantine the messages. What’s more, shortened URLs in tweets and other places are so common that many of us click on them without thinking. Even more sophisticated users who would otherwise recognize a dubious URL don’t think “malware” when seeing a shortened URL in a tweet or Facebook message. (It’s worth noting that some URL-shortening services, including TinyURL, have a preview feature that when enabled shows users where the link will take them.) The problem is becoming a greater concern for IT as more and more users bring their social networking tools and habits to work.

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Influence comes from one’s ability to draw people into a conversation AND hold them there. Influence means one’s blogs or tweets or Facebook posts are shared and re-shared throughout the online world. Influence creates action towards a person or a brand and has the power to create effect.

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