What are the innovations for publishers, marketers and developers to grow and engage their communities and drive website visitor time, engagement and traffic?

What are the innovations for publishers, marketers and developers to grow and engage their communities and drive website visitor time, engagement and traffic?
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Some examples:

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Content Curation: What features and factors will determine the defacto content curation platform?

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Influence comes from one’s ability to draw people into a conversation AND hold them there. Influence means one’s blogs or tweets or Facebook posts are shared and re-shared throughout the online world. Influence creates action towards a person or a brand and has the power to create effect.

Klout vs. the Blogosphere: What does it mean to be influential? « Extanz.com – PR 2.0, Inbound Marketing, Social Media

Content Marketing

Blogging without an audience is merely a public journal. Bloggers are sharing their soul for a greater cause…your attention, your actions, and ultimately, the prospect of circulation. As such, writing is not enough to build desired audiences and desired outcomes. 55% of bloggers, including me, list their blog on Technorati in the attempts to attract a greater array of visitors. As such, a significant number of bloggers use Technorati tags to help boost their posts and blog when visitors search keywords.In general, Social Media Optimization (SMO) remains underestimated. While it’s an extension of SEO, it is none the less as important as SEO…it’s traditional search vs. social search.

It’s also worth noting that no blog is an island. Even with RSS, bloggers take to Twitter and Facebook to help create bridges between social and interest graphs to related content. And, we can’t overlook the act of commenting on other blogs in the hopes for reciprocal traffic.

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The Building Blocks of the Blogosphere

When it comes to technology, blogging is an interesting discussion to host. Traditional blogs require hosting on a “traditional” blogging platform. Accordingly, we see that an overwhelming slice of bloggers host their blog on WordPress, followed by Blogger. It’s safe to assume that next year, we’ll see the rise of a new form of blogging platforms, those dedicated to simplicity with an emphasis on mobility, curation, instant presentation, and community.

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The Content Grid

It’s a simple framework for content — or “inbound” — marketing.  That is, it plots content type and distribution channel across two dimensions: who should create it (a single owner or the entire staff) and how it should be distributed for maximum impact on the sales funnel.

via New Content Marketing Infographic: “The Content Grid”

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B2B marketers allocate approximately 26% of their total marketing budgets to content marketing initiatives. 51% of B2B marketers plan to increase their spend in content marketing over the next 12 months.

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Where I see for the curation to be solved is to introduce trust at a process level. One way is to “decompose” the Internet into higher trusted communities of interest where “Judy Consumer” will select the smaller communities of interest that appeals to her.

Signal, Curation, Discovery – John Battelle’s Searchblog

By curation, I mean to care for, and carefully select which content is shared, with the idea that removing something can sometimes make a collection even stronger.

Wikipedia Content Curation Infographic

This is not how I remember collecting growing up. I remember focusing on quality; on being very critical about what to add to a collection and what to keep out; about creating a collection that wasn’t just a bunch of stuff, but a reflection on the tastes of the curator, and the needs/desires of the audience.

Digital Publishing: Curation vs Collection vs Experience

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