Saplo Stream: a personalized and time constrained text stream

Information overload
Image by Jorge Franganillo via Flickr

The problem – Information Overload

Information on the Internet is growing by the minute and today’s fast paced society gives us less time to read it. We as humans are limited by a surplus rather than a lack of information. Current information technology (e.g., Google Search) produces enormous amounts of results which can be hard to survey. Even more information is discarded because your personal intent of a search query is unknown.

Do you recognize the following situations:

  • You have been away for a week and want to be updated on what has happened, where and how do you start reading?
  • You have 10 minutes to spare when you travel by bus. How do you find the most relevant information to read?

In order to solve this problem of information overload there is an obvious need to augment current information gathering techniques with the ability to filter and sort large text masses. The solution – a personalized and time constrained text stream

Saplo Stream will automatically filter text according to how relevant they are based on your personal interests. Thanks to filtering you can choose how many minutes you want to spend on reading. This service aspires to end the days of information overload. Whether you want to read the most interesting news from the past month in one hour or from the past day in 10 minutes, Saplo Stream will help you find the most relevant and thus valuable information.

For the time being, news sources are collected from your Twitter stream. However, we plan to add more sources in the future.

via Saplo Stream – a personalized and time constrained text stream | Saplo.

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