Data as a new marketing channel – Chief Marketing Technologist

Link: Data as a new marketing channel – Chief Marketing Technologist

Just as companies who were quick to embrace the web, search marketing, and social media used that as a competitive advantage, a similar dynamic is likely to exist with the web of data.

  • Whose data will be the authoritative source in each market out there?
  • Whose data will be embedded in the most exciting third-party applications?
  • Whose industry-specific vocabularies will become de facto standards?
  • Whose open data will be most linked to within other data sets, generating a positive feedback loop around a data-level brand?

Those are strategic questions that marketers should begin thinking about.

The shift to data web marketing will take a little getting used too — we’ve had 30 years of clinging to data as something to be squirreled away. Gaining organizational experience in the web-facing data tactics above is a good start, but more forward-thinking leaders in marketing should encourage their teams to connect the dots between these initiatives. They should contemplate what Tim Berners-Lee said in an interview with Talis, advising company leaders on what the semantic web can really mean for them:

You should take an inventory of what you have got in the way of data and you should think about how valuable each piece of data in the company would be if it were available to other people across the company, or if it were available publicly, and if it were available to your partners.

That is the essence of data web marketing.


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